27 Stunning Anklet Tattoo Designs For Girls

Thinking of getting a new tattoo? Or maybe your first? Anklet tattoos are perfect entry-level tattoos as they aren’t too noticeable or extreme, but can still top off any outfit with class and individuality.

Obviously, this is a lot more permanent than simply wearing an anklet, but they can look much more aesthetically pleasing too. Maybe the anklet which gets you the most compliments could be the one you opt to turn into ink. Or maybe a design that you are unable to find. Either way make sure you think it through, and under any circumstances no names of your current partner!

Below are some of our favourite designs across the web:

Flower design
Intricate pattern
Charms design
Add a subtle splash of color
Colorful anklet
Unique mountains at night design
Lucky charms design
Large feather design
Pearl thread design
Cute simplistic moon idea
Intricate pattern design
Meaningful words
Cute feather design
Thin anklet
Double threaded anklet design
Cool pattern idea
Floral design
Mix it up with a thigh bracelet
Floral branch pattern
Black threaded
Large pattern on both ankles
Musical heart design

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